Sunday, April 1, 2012

Her Talents are way beyond unique, Willing to work with you to make the matching sandal to any wedding dress or the special Sundress for that stroll down a warm sunny beach. Would bring you many comments on how lovely your Whole Outfit looked on your. From head to toe
She amazes me how she thinks outside the box on her next design. The ideas that she comes up too just put me to awe.
So, if you are looking for that something to go with that Wedding dress or just to have around your ankle, adorn your feet. Look to her to make something that would give you that AWE feeling..

New Sandals, and her latest design, the Bare shoulder straps .
These are eloquent to any dress, outfit you would love to match with. The Interchangeable Bra strap is a sure way to show some eloquence to your shoulder, by changing the straps of a strapless bra. 
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

one of the many shows

These are her next Designs, The Beaded Bra Strap . You replace the strap of which came with the bra with one of these. It will differently give your shoulder such an eloquent look . No two designs are the same.
As you can see by the top photo.

All designs are one of a kind.

Great for a beach wedding, or sitting pool side. Giving you an eloquent look to your foot and leg.

They come in sizes xs/s s/m and Large on request

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Beaded Sandals

Lynn's Sandals are great for any outdoor activity , Such as the beach side wedding, or that long over due Curise, to wear with your lovely evening grown while strolling along pool side.
Each Beach Combo that is designed will vary a little in color and size and will arrive in a drawstring bag.The most poplar size I sell is extra small (size 5/6), small (6 / 7), medium (7 /8),apon request: large (9/10
One:$10.00, A SET is $18.00)